Recreational Playoffs

Playoff Brackets - Fall 2014


PYSA reserves the right to deny playoff participation (and Tournament of Champions consideration) to any team for unacceptable behavior, unruly conduct, persistent or critical rules violations, or other activities that run counter to the spirit of recreational soccer.  These include, but are not limited to the use of illegal or ineligible players, unethical behavior (by coaches, spectators, or players), playing time violations, serious or persistent misbehavior, or harassment/abuse of referees, opponents, or league personnel by players, coaches, or spectators.  This determination will be made solely by the PYSA Recreational Committee leadership, advised by the full committee and our partner associations. 


Past Seasons


Philosophy for Playoffs and Post-Season Competition


Post-season play seeks to include the very best teams from each age group.  PYSA attempts to provide an environment that affords a competitive outlet for post-season competitions (playoffs and Tournament of Champions qualifications), pitting the “best” skilled teams from each age group against each other.


Playoffs in PYSA are considered "extra games," and are not guaranteed.  In the fall season, priority will be given to the determination of a representative to the NTSSA Tournament of Champions.  In all seasons, priority will be given to the completion of a full regular season, even at the expense of playoff competition.


Extra Time, Kicks from the Mark, and Discipline


For further detail, please refer to the FIFA Laws of the Game or North Texas State Soccer Association Rules.


General Rec Rules


U4-U6 Rules


U7-U19 Rules



PYSA Bylaws




FIFA Laws of the Game


FIFA Laws Made Easy!

























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