Competitive Coaches & Managers

Vice-President of Coaches: Sonja Yost
Competitive Coaches' Committee Representative: Mike Uremovich


PYSA attempts to provide the best soccer experience possible not only for your players, but for parents, volunteers, and coaches.


If you ever have any issues, questions, or feedback, feel free to contact us. 


Your "chain of communication" is your league director, commissioner, and league vice-president.  Please contact one of more of these people if you ever have an issue.


Coaches' Code of Ethics


Please take a few moments to read the NTSSA Coaches' Code of Ethics.


All coaches are expected to understand and adhere to the code.  While some items will obviously not apply to recreational coaches, it is critical for all coaches to understand the expectations of NTSSA and PYSA. 


You have a responsibility to your players, their families, to your opponents, PYSA, and to your fellow coaches.


Violations of the Coaches' Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary action.


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We're all friends here! Parents and coaches at all PYSA activities are responsible for following the NTSSA Coaches Code of Ethics and Parents' Code of Conduct.