Competitive Registration

U11B and U11G-U16G Placement Games

Click HERE to post your scores online. 

Event ID is 40051

Pin is 5555

Game Number is on your schedule. 



Plano Premier League Registration


All teams registering for the Plano Premier League must have pictures of their players in their team account. 



Once you register you need to upload your official roster into the event. It must have your home association registrar's and coaches signature. 


Registration Closed for the PPL


If your team qualified for a BYE please email Gina White, ginaw@planoyouthsoccer, your registration confirmation form (from got soccer) and your roster from last year.  You must have N+1 (we do round up) as of April 1, 2014 to be keep your bye.


F14S15 PPL Guidelines


F14S15 Fees

Unless your team qualified for a BYE or you want to be in the lowest division applicable you must register for the Placement Tournament. 


Placement Information



Plano Home Association will begin Tuesday July 1, 2014


Please make sure your Got Soccer Team Account is up to date. If you do not already have an account, create The Got Soccer Account now. 


Home Association Instructions


How to upload pictures in Got Soccer





If you have any quetsions on registering your team for Home Association through Plano, please contact the PYSA office at 972.422.7972

(Hours:  M-F  8a-5p. Sat 8a-12p) or email Gina White.


How to Add Guest Players in Event Rosters



Teams Travel Procedures

Any team going outside of the NTSSA boundaries (including into South Texas) must have a Travel Application approved by North Texas.

You must apply for permission to travel which is available in your Gotsoccer team account through eTravel.(30) days prior to the tournament 


Permission to Travel Instructions


How to Apply for Permission to Travel /eTravel

  • Apply (30) days before Event (tournament)
  • Late Charge of $5.00 a day.
  • $25.00 Fee per Application


Signature Page



Plano Labor Day Invitational Tournament (Competitive)


Plano Premier League Placement Games  (PPL Teams only)

U12B-U16B Placement Games

Click HERE to post your scores online. 

Event ID is 40019

Pin is 2014

Game Number is on your schedule. 


Going Competitive


PPL Placement






UAL Registration


Labor Day Tournament









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