Competive Schedules


Parents, Coaches and Managers in the Plano Premier League,
My League Directors and I have received many calls and emails this week about the delay in sending out our Fall Schedule, and I would like to address your concerns.
Our team is working thru many issues and we hope to see a completed schedule as soon as it is possible. Some of the challenges this season are due to the following:
  • The initial rainout during the Placement tournament set us back a week.
  • The number of teams has been increased by 35 (461 total teams for the current Season).
  • Loss of 3 fields, due to the Highpoint remodel.
  • Restrictions by the City.
I apologize for this delay and know it is creating hardships for players, parents, families and you. You have my assurance that we are working as quickly as possible and the schedules will be posted as soon as they are available.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding,
V.P. Competitive PYSA



How to post the scores?


Home team will post the score.  You have two options:

Via Phone: 904-758-0875 or online.


Click HERE to post your scores online. 

Event ID is 38902

Pin is 1111

Game Number is on your schedule. 



The season will begin Saturday September 6, 2014!


It is very important your got soccer team account is up to date and correct at all times.   To allow us time to confirm and approve roster changes if you add a player Monday and upload a new roster as well they will be eligible to play Wednesday.


Add and post online                            Eligible to Play

Monday                                                Wednesday

Tuesday                                               Thursday

Wednesday- Thursday                          Saturday          

Thursday- Friday by noon                     Sunday


Not only do we need for you to make sure your most current roster is always uploaded in the event you must also make sure all your rostered adults are correct and that you have a picture for EVERY player.






Updated Roster
Sep 12 2014 - ...


It is mandatory that each team has their updated roster uploaded into the Plano Premier League Event.


To do this, you will scan and save the docs on your computer. Be sure the official roster is signed by both your registrar and coach. When in your team account, you will see a list of events on the front page. Click on the specific event, in this case it is the Plano Premier League 2014/2015. It opens up into a new screen that looks like it has several file folder tabs. Look for the one to the far right labeled ‘documents’. Click on that. Once there, it is just like uploading any other file…browse your computer for the correct file, click on it, then click upload. If done correctly, the file will appear to the left of the upload box.


May 21 2014

Plano Premier Emergency Number  





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